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Colombia Weather

Colombia's proximity to the Equator means that its temperature varies little throughout the year. However, the temperature does change with altitude, which creates various climatic zones ranging from hot and humid lowlands to freezing Andean peaks. You can experience completely different climates within just a couple of hours of travel. As a general rule, temperature falls about 2 degrees Fahrenheit with every 1000 feet increase in altitude.

Colombia has two seasons, "verano", summer or dry, and "invierno", winter or wet. The pattern of seasons varies in different parts of the country, and has been greatly affected over recent years by El Nino and La Nina. For example, in the Andean region there are two dry and rainy seasons a year. The main dry season falls between December and March, with a shorter and less dry period between July and August. The general pattern varies throughout the Andean region. The weather in the low lands has a more definite pattern, there is one dry season between December and March, while the rest of the year it's wet. The Amazon doesn't have a uniform climate but is generally quite wet all year round.